Staff directory

ANGEL, PAULResearch Fellow Computational Biology/ Statistics KMB Level
AVENT, Dr KathyStrategy & Operations ManagerMedical Bldg
BAGHERI-FAM, Dr StefanResearch Fellow Medical Bldg
BARTON-SMITH, Dr RexTutor Medical Bldg
BAUTISTA, Dr TaraPostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
BERGNER, AnnetteResearch Assistant Medical Bldg
BISTA, PawanResearch FellowMedical Bldg
BRANDLI, Dr AlicePostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
BRAYBOOK, HelenEvents and Engagement Officer (50% CSCS/ 50% SCA)  KMB Level
BROCK, A/Prof JamesHonorary Principal FellowMedical Bldg
BRUECHERT, GeorgaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
BUJALKA, HelenaPhD Student 
BUTCHER, SuzannePhD StudentKMB Level
CARDAMONE, TinaFacility ManagerMedical Bldg
CASAGRANDA, FrancaResearch AssistantMedical Bldg
CHEN, TyroneData Processor, Stem Cells & StemformaticsKMB Level
CHKADUA, Dr MarinePhD StudentMedical Bldg
CHOI, Dr Jarny BioinformaticianKMB Level
COLE, AlistairPhD StudentKMB Level
COLES, TheresePhD StudentMedical Bldg
COMBES, Dr AlexanderResearch
CLARK, Dr Charlotte Lecturer Medical Bldg
CLARK, Dr Michael Research FellowKMB Level
CRAIG, GeorginaPhD StudentKMB  Level
DAEMI, FatemehPhD StudentKMB Level
De IONGH, A/Prof RobbAssociate ProfessorMedical Bldg
DE SMET, Myra PhD StudentMedical Bldg
DIXON, MichaelPhD Student Medical Bldg
DOMINADO, NicolePhD StudentMedical Bldg
DOYLE, Cassandra Laboratory Officer - Anatomical Services Medical Bldg
DRIESSEN, AlexandriaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
FAKHRY, JosianePhD StudentMedical Bldg
FINDLAY, QuanPhD StudentMedical Bldg
FLETCHER, Dr JessicaResearch FellowKMB Level
FLETCHER, Prof EricaProfessorMedical Bldg
FOGG, A/Prof QuentinClinical AnatomistMedical Bldg
FOTHERGILL, LindaPhD Student  Medical Bldg
FURNESS, Prof JohnProfessor EmeritusMedical Bldg
GASCOIGNE, Dr AdamPhD Student
GEORGE, AnkitaResearch Support OfficerMedical Bldg
GIGLIUTO, PatriciaCentre ManagerKMB Level
GILBERT, Jennifer EA to Professor Christine WellsKMB Level
GONSALVEZ, Dr DavidResearch FellowKMB Level
GOUGH, MichelleManager Photographic & Digital Imaging UnitMedical Bldg
GREFERATH, Dr UnaResearch FellowMedical Bldg
GUNNAM, SatyaResearch Support OfficerMedical Bldg
GUNNERSEN, Dr JennySenior LecturerMedical Bldg
HAO, Dr MarleneResearch Fellow Medical Bldg
HAYES, A/Prof JennyAssociate ProfessorMedical Bldg
HIME, Prof GaryHead of Department, Professor Medical Bldg
HOMAN, BrittanyAnatomical Services Laboratory OfficerMedical Bldg
HUANG, Cheng-Ta (Edward)PhD
HUNNE, BillieResearch Assistant Medical Bldg
HUTCHINS, Anne-MarieLaboratory Manager, Medical BuildingMedical Bldg
IMIYAGE DONA, MalalthiResearch Fellow - Computational Biostatistics
IVANUSIC, A/Prof JasonSenior LecturerMedical Bldg
JAMESON, Dr VantaFlow Cytometry Manager KMB Level
JI, Esther (JiaJia)PhD StudentMedical Bldg
JOBLING, Dr AndrewResearch Fellow Medical Bldg
KAKAVAND, KianaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
KEAST, Prof JanetProfessorMedical Bldg
KELLER, JenniferPhD StudentMedical Bldg
KERBY, SusanTechnical Officer Topographic AnatomyMedical Bldg
KESAR, Dr Marica (Maya)Manager Biomedical Science Animal FacilityMedical Bldg
KIE, JoshuaFlow Cytometry OfficerKMB Level 
KILPATRICK, Prof TrevorDirector, MNIKMB Level
KING, KellieManager - Anatomical Services Unit Medical Bldg
KITCHENER, Dr PeterSenior LecturerMedical Bldg
KOO, AdaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
LANE, Penelope Executive Assistant to HoDMedical Bldg
LANGOWSKI, NataliePhD StudentMedical Bldg 
LEAL, Marcelo CerfPhD StudentKMB Level
LITTLE, Prof MelissaProfessor, Program Leader, SCAKMB Level
LONG, RohanMuseumMedical Bldg
MASON, Elizabeth Research Support OfficerKMB level
MAYALL, Dr Peter PhD StudentMedical Bldg 
MAZZONE, A/Prof StuartAssociate Professor Medical Bldg
MARLEY, Phil Strategic AdviserKMB Level
MCCARTY, Dr RosaTeaching Fellow in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine KMB Level
MCDONALD, VerityStem Cells Austalia Operations ManagerKMB Level
MCGOVERN, Dr AlicePostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
McMILLAN, Dr Paul Manager Biological Optical Microscopy PlatformMedical Bldg 
McQUADE, RachelPostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
MITCHELL, Gavan Photography & Digital Imaging Unit Medical Bldg
MOE, Aung AungPostdoctoral Research Fellow Medical Bldg
MOR, MichalPhD Student
MORRISON, VictoriaResearch Support OfficerMedical Bldg
MORGAN, Dr MichaelPostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
MUNRO, Dr KathrynResearch FellowMedical Bldg
MUNSIE, A/Prof MeganDeputy Director, CSCS & Outreach & Policy Manager, Stem Cells Australia KMB Level
MURRAY, Dr SimonSenior LecturerMedical Bldg
NAGPAL, IshaStemformatics Full Stack DeveloperKMB Level
NASH, AmeliaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
NUGUID, AiraAPN Histopathology ServiceMedical Bldg
OSBORNE, Dr PeregrineSenior Research FellowMedical Bldg
PACHECO RIVERA, ChrisResearch Support OfficerKMB Level
PHIPPS, Dr JoannaResearch Fellow Medical Bldg
PHAN, NamrataTopographic Anatomy Laboratory OfficerMedical Bldg
PILBROW, Dr VarshaLecturerMedical Bldg
PRAWDIUK, AlexaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
PUSTOVIT, Dr RuslanResearch Fellow Medical Bldg 
RAJAB, NadiaPhD StudentKMB, level
RUTAR, Dr MatthewPostdoctoral Research FellowKMB Level
SAEIDI, SeyedehPhD Student  Medical Bldg
SANNANG, RowenaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
SCHOMANN, AnjaPhD StudentMedical Bldg
SHAPOURI, Farnaz PhD StudentMedical Bldg 
SHOUKATH, Dr SajnaPhD Student
SIDDALL, Dr NicoleResearch FellowMedical Bldg
SMITH, Lesley Coordinator - Body Donor ProgamMedical Bldg 
STAMP, Dr LinconResearch FellowMedical Bldg
STEBBING, Dr MartinPostdoctoral Scientist: Animal Physiology, GI Endocrinology
TANNER, Dr ClairePostdoctoral Research FellowKMB Level
TAYLOR, Prof Ian GHonorary Professorial FellowMedical Bldg
TENG, Kathleen Research Assistant Medical Bldg 
THAI, JennyResearch Support Officer Medical Bldg
THORPE LOWIS, CasperPhD Student Medical Bldg
TRAN, Bang ManhPhD
TREWELLA, MatthewResearch Support OfficerMedical Bldg
VENABLES, GeneResearch Assistant  Medical Bldg
VESSEY, Dr KirstanResearch FellowMedical Bldg
VIRSHUP, IsaacPhD StudentKMB
WANG, Anna (Yao Mei)PhD Student  Medical Bldg
WELLS, Prof ChristineProfessor & Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Systems and Deputy Program Leader, SCAKMB Level
WIEDMANN, NicolePostdoctoral Research FellowMedical Bldg
WILHELM, Dr DagmarSenior LecturerMedical Bldg
WILSON, YvettePhD StudentMedical Bldg
WINDLEY, SimonPhD StudentMedical Bldg
WONG, Dr AgnesResearch FellowMedical Bldg
WOOD, RhiannonResearch Assistant  KMB  Level 
XIAO, Dr JunhuaSenior LecturerMedical Bldg
YOO, Peter EliPhD StudentKMB Level
YOO, Sang WonPhD