Register: New fluorescent dye technology Phitonex

Intro to NovaFluors™: Unlocking the full potential of your flow cytometry experiment (9th October, 10:00 AM AEST)

On October 9th, Mike Stadnisky CEO of Phitonex will provide a webinar on a recently developed family of fluorescent dyes they are introducing (see flyer attached). Phitonex utlises a DNA nanotechnology platform to create near-ideal, clean, bright fluorescent labels which are designed for biological applications, particularly flow cytometry.  These are particularly useful for high end multi-colour instruments such as the BD Symphony or Cytek Aurora as they are actively filling in the spectral gaps, and replacing a few of the traditional fluors which are prone to spreading.

With the Doherty Aurora UV upgrades early this year, the Cytometry Platform now enables our researchers the possibility to design and handle 40 colour panels (see recently published 40-colour panel OMIP). With the advances brought by spectral unmixing, current limitations in the field have shifted from instrumentation to dye availability and panel readiness: NovaFluors may change this. This will impact flow cytometry by enabling more colours to be used more easily, especially useful for the spectral cytometry user, but equally beneficial in panels designed for any cytometer.

Phitonex has been arranging virtual seminars of this new technology presented by Mike Stadnisky via flow cores across the globe and have arranged one specifically for  the University of Melbourne researchers as attached.  Please join us to learn more about this exciting new technology set to revolutionise flow cytometry.

On the speaker: Mike is the former VP/GM (Informatics) of Becton Dickinson Life Sciences and CEO of FlowJo, LLC.  He led FlowJo in its transformation to become the leading single cell informatics company, including bringing a gene expression analysis platform from idea to scientists in 9 months in partnership with Illumina.

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