OMIQ demonstration Friday 27th August 9-10:30am

OMIQ Data Science Platform: Mastering Cytometry Data Analysis Friday 27th August  9am

Join this webinar by Chris Ciccolella, OMIQ co-founder and CEO to see how high-dimensional flow cytometry data can be analysed from raw data to p value in 20 minutes!

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About OMIQ

Turning cytometry data into conclusions is hard. This is especially true with high-dimensional data. It usually requires multiplesoftware packages and an increasing reliance on programming languages such as R. OMIQ is designed to solve this problem by offering an integrated cloud platform for discovery analytics. In this webinar we analyze high-dimensional cytometry data to find differential cellular signatures in GVHD patients. The data are taken from a raw state through to generation of p values with plenty of analysis in between, all within OMIQ. To learn more about OMIQ, please visit and watch this brief overview video.

About Chris

Chris is originally a cell biologist and cytometry expert. In 2013 he switched his career full time to software engineering and data science. Following a tenure at Cytobank, he co-founded Omiq in 2018 to focus on analytical innovations to accelerate the progressof human health.