Plan your First Year Subjects

The first year of the Bachelor of Biomedicine consists of one pathway (6 subjects) and 2 Breadth Subjects.

How do I choose my pathway?

Are you considering a Bioengineering or Health Informatics major in 3rd year?

Note: Choosing the Bioengineering or Health Informatics pathway does not lock you into these majors. However you will not be able to complete the required pre-requisite sequence for these majors unless you choose the 1st year pathway.

Yes - Bioengineering

Yes - Health Informatics

No - Standard Pathway

What is Bioengineering?

Biomedical engineering is an exciting fusion of engineering, science and medicine. You will focus on human systems, the design and operation of devices and processes, and the application of engineering skills to new medical treatments, instruments and machines.

What is Health Informatics?

Health Informatics integrates biomedical information technology and knowledge management, the socioeconomic challenges of delivering healthcare systems and new methods of clinical and epidemiological research.

Breadth Subjects

Students  will generally take 2 breadth subjects in their first year, one in Semester 1 and the other in Semester 2. The Biomedicine Breadth page will provide you more information regarding what breadth is, and how to choose what breadth subjects you take.

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