Wright laboratory: Cardiovascular

Research Overview

The development of new drugs to improve the quality of human life is all about managing risk, achieving performance milestones and maximising the value of technology. In this highly regulated industry, the desire to move quickly has to be balanced with the need to ensure that the safety profile of every candidate product is as good as the performance of the drug in the intended medical application. Using a staged approach, the Cardiovascular Therapeutics Unit can assist in the early safety testing of pharmaceutical candidates from the R&D portfolios of Biotech or Big Pharma companies. The Cardiovascular Therapeutics Unit combines expertise in integrated pharmacology with clinical expertise in cardiovascular function. It specialises in the cardiovascular pharmacological assessment of candidate pharmaceutical compounds. The Unit has extensive experience in non-GLP studies to assist in the selection of lead drug candidates or in focusing medicinal chemistry strategies to minimise the risks of unexpected cardiac toxicity. Studies will be completed in a timely manner with full confidentiality. The range of experimental preparations includes:

  • In vitro myograph small resistance blood vessels
  • Isolated atrial & papillary muscles & vascular tissues
  • In vivo experimental animal haemodynamic assessment & QTc analysis
  • Preparations of chronic cardiovascular disease such as hypertension & vascular injury
  • Cardiac contractility & diastolic function pressure-volume (PV) loops


Prof James A. Angus, BSc Hons, PhD, FAA
Mr Mark Ross-Smith, BSc Hons, Senior Research Assistant
Ms Linda Cornthwaite-Duncan, Technical Officer
Ms Makhala Khammy, BSc Hons, PhD candidate
Mr Yohannes Mamo, BSc, MSc (Ethiopia), PhD candidate
Ms Dalia Ponce Garcia, BSc, MSc (Mexico), PhD candidate
Mr Ashenafi Betrie, BSc, MSc (Ethiopia), PhD candidate

Honorary Staff

A/Prof Paul Soeding, BSc (Hons), MBBS, FANZCA, PhD

photo of cardiovascular lab staff


Dr David Williams, Australian Venom Research Unit, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Dr Scott Ayton, Dr Peng Lei & A/Prof David Finkelstein, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
A/Prof James Ziogas, Pharmacology and Therapeutics