Buchanan laboratory: Oncogenomics (colorectal cancer)

Research Overview

The Oncogenomics Group research includes the identification and investigation of clinically and biologically relevant subtypes of colorectal cancer (CRC), including both familial and non-familial CRC, that can be identified through genetic, epigenetic, somatic and histopathological characterisation of CRC tumours and their pre-malignant lesions (polyps).


Dr Mark Clendenning, Research Fellow | Google Scholar
Associate  Professor Christophe Rosty, Honorary Senior Research Fellow | Google Scholar 
Ms Stine Erikson, Medicine International



Professor Melissa Southey [link to page]
Professor John Hopper [link to CEB]
Professor Graham Giles [link to CEC]
Professor Mark Jenkins [link to CEB]
Professor Ingrid Winship
Associate Professor Roger Milne [link to CEC, CCV]

Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort CIs

Professor Robert Haile [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Steve Gallinger [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Steve Thibodeau [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Graham Casey [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Laney Lindor [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Loic Le Marchand [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Polly Newcomb [link to coloncfr.org]
Professor Dallas English [link to CEB, UoM]
Dr Aung Ko Win [link to CEB]
Associate Professor Amanda Spurdle [link to QIMR]
Associate Professor Susan Parry
Professor Finlay Macrae
Associate Professor John Mariadason
Associate Professor Michael Walsh
Dr Amanda Phipps
Dr Colin Stewart - King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth
Dr Peter Simpson – University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research
Professor Peter Laird - University of Southern California
Dr Daniel Weisenberger – University of Southern California

Consortium Collaborations

Australasian Colorectal Cancer Family Registry
Colorectal Cancer Family Registry Cohort
Health 2020/Melbourne Collaborative Cohort
International Serrated Polyposis Syndrome Registry