Pain management using ultrasound-guided local anaesthetic techniques

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Dr Jason Ivanusic +61 3 8344 7254 View page

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Ultrasound-guided injections of local anaesthetic around peripheral nerves are thought to improve patient recovery following major surgery. In this project, we plan to evaluate the efficacy of a number of different ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. Students will contribute to both clinical and anatomical research. They will have direct patient contact and collect data required to support current and future programs of research designed to identify best clinical practice. Patient-centric outcomes will be surgery specific and also include validated scales that measure quality of recovery and long term outcomes including persistent post-surgical pain.


Jenny Thai, Research assistant
Sara Nencini, PhD student
Abdulhakeem Alamri, PhD student


Associate Professor James Brock
Associate Professor Michael Barrington
Associate Professor Stuart Mazzone
Dr. Alice McGovern

Research Group

Ivanusic laboratory: Pain and sensory mechanisms

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Biomedical Neuroscience, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, Systems Biology, Therapeutics & Translation

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Anatomy and Neuroscience Research

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Ivanusic laboratory: Pain and sensory mechanisms