Furness laboratory: Digestive physiology and nutrition

Research Overview

Our research is concentrated on digestive physiology, gut health, the interaction of nutrients with the digestive tract and digestive disorders.  The investigations extend from molecular studies of sites of drug action and the cellular basis of pathological changes, through the investigation of functions in isolated tissues and the use of animal models to clinical trials.  Our work spans both human and animal health, in animal health concentrating on species of agricultural importance.

In relation to gut health, we have studies directed at investigating drugs that can be used in the treatment of disorders of digestive tract function that are a consequence of spinal cord injury, neuropathologic changes in gut neurons that are a results of high fat diets and Parkinson's Disease, deleterious effects of heat stress on the intestine, and consequences of inflammation of the intestine.  We are investigating drug treatments for motility disorders and enteric neuropathies and electroceutical treatments for inflammatory bowel diseases.  We are also investigating aspects of coeliac disease,

We have a particular interest in endocrine hormone secreting cells of the gastrointestinal tract.  We have made discoveries that demand re-classification of these cells and a re-thinking of their cell biology.  This work is relevant to coeliac disease, diabetes, obesity and metabolic disease.


Dr Brid Callaghan, Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr Ruslan Pustovit, Post-doctoral Fellow
Ms Billie Hunne, Research Assistant
Mr Mitchell Ringuet, Research Support
Ms Josiane Fakhry, Research Support
Ms Therriz Mamerto, Research Support
Dr Patricia Martins, visiting CAPES Fellow
Ms Alicia Sedo, Research Assistant
Ms Linda Fothergill, PhD student


Professor Robin McAllen, Florey Institute
Professor Rob Shepherd, Bionics Institute
Professor Bob Jones, Surgery, Austin Health
Professor Michael McKinley, Florey Institute
Dr Christopher Leung, Gastroenterology, Austin Health
Dr Kristy Brown, Hudson Institute
Professor Frank Dunshea, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne
Dr Jeremy Cottrell, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne
Dr Adam Testro, Liver Transplant Unit, Austin Health
Dr Andrew Nunn, Victorian Spinal Service. Austin Health
Professor Albert Frauman, Dept Clinical Pharmacology, University of Melbourne
Dr Heather Young, Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Melbourne
Professor Graeme Clarke
Dr Leni Rivera, Deakin University


TAC Project Grant N13-085, JB Furness, B Callaghan, AG Frauman, LR Rivera, A Nunn, DJ Brown, A Ellis: Reduction of Secondary Complications of Spinal Cord Injury: Bowel, 2014-2017, $1,060,000
ARC LIEF grant, LE150100004, E Hanssen, A Bacic, G McFadden, M McConville, JB Furness, D McCulloch, V Bansal, K North.  An automated 3D electron microscopy facility, 2014, $540,000
NHMRC Project Grant 1079739, JB Furness and LR Rivera - Neural control of colorectal function and identification of sites of drug action: 2015 $92,359.00, 2016 $92,359.00, 2017 $177,825.00.
MNI Initiative (University of Melbourne Internal Grant Support), RK Shepherd, RA McAllen, JB Furness 2015 $30,000
GSK Bioelectronics Challenge, E Capcelea, RK Shepherd, JB Furness 2015 2015 $200,000
Australian Pork Ltd, J Pluske, FR Dunshea, JB Furness, JJ Cottrell, C Collins, R Hewitt, JC Kim, B Mullan, S Peuker, R van Barneveld, Optimising the progeny of first-litter sows in the Australian herd, 2015-2018, $944,081
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA USA), JB Furness et al. Vagal neuromodulation for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 2015-2019 $6,100,000

Research Publications

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