Mintern laboratory: Vaccine biology

Research Overview

photo of Dr Justine Mintern
Dr Mintern is a Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Head in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She investigates mechanisms of vaccine biology.
Mintern lab group in May 2016

Advancing vaccine design is important for the treatment and prevention of infectious disease and cancer. We investigate the fundamental cell biology of how an immune response begins and apply innovative bioengineered tools to probe mechanisms of vaccine biology.

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The projects use a wide range of experimental approaches including:

  • application of novel DNA-based fluorescent probes
  • immunofluorescent microscopy
  • flow cytometry
  • CRISPR-cas9
  • proteomics
  • experimental models of inflammation, infection and cancer

For more information about the Mintern laboratory, please download this information sheet PDF, 9932.64 KB.


Haiyin Liu receiving the award for Best 2nd year PhD poster at the 2016 ASMR Victorian Student Research Symposium

Research staff

Gerry Healey, Research Assistant

Graduate students

Haiyin Liu, PhD
Alan Ching, PhD
Patrick Schriek

photo of Charlee Bickers
Charlee Bickers presenting her talk at the 2016 ASMR Victorian Student Research Symposium. Charlee was awarded the prize for Best Honours talk.
photo of Patrick Schriek
Patrick Schriek competing in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 3MT competition.

Honours students

Victor Makota
Hayley Cron

Mintern lab members enjoying a game of bubble soccer

Research Publications

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