Dr Peter Crouch recipient of $1 million grant from Fight MND


Figure 1: L-R Associate Professor Julie Atkin (Macquarie University), Associate Professor Trent Woodruff (University of QLD) Neale Daniher (FightMND), Hon Jill Hennessy (Minister for Health), Dr Peter Crouch (University of Melbourne).

Peter’s Neurodegenerative Disease research group in the Department of Pathology has two major research interests. These involve the testing of potential new therapeutics for use in the treatment of MND, and the examination of impaired energy metabolism in neuronal failure. The latter is a major feature of neurodegenerative diseases such as MND.

The grant to support Peter’s work is part of a $7.8 million allocation for research from FightMND that was announced recently by the Foundation’s co-founder and patron, and former AFL footballer, Neale Daniher, who is living with MND.

photo of FightMND award winners

Figure 2: Grant recipients with FightMND board and staff members.

FightMND is Australia’s leading independent MND Foundation which is focused on funding large-scale collaborative research projects, clinical trials and vital assistive equipment for all Australians living with motor neurone disease.

For more information about FightMND.

For more information about Peter's research. Couch laboratory: Neurodegenerative disease