AVRU History

Australia has an international reputation for being the epicentre of all things venomous, whether it happens to be venomous snakes and arthropods on land, bees and wasps in the air, or lethal jellyfish, stingrays, stonefish and octopi in our oceans. The Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU) focuses on research relating to injuries and deaths caused by venomous snakes, spiders, marine creatures and other organisms. Founded in 1994 by venom research pioneer, the late Associate Professor, Dr Struan Sutherland AO, AVRU has an enduring public profile in Australia and is tasked with creating knowledge and innovation pathways that will reduce the burden of venom-related injury and mortality and lead to new discoveries that benefit individuals and communities.

The AVRU is a passionate and internationally networked group that exists to provide up to date information on Australian venomous bites and stings to health networks, industry, media and our community.  AVRU research, embedded within the University of Melbourne, undertakes work within public health, laboratory and hospital-based studies that address important national and regional venomous injury problems.