Blog from April 2017

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June 2017

Lots of papers coming out recently – see the publications page - so many that we had to have a combined celebration with some special champagne. Things got a little out of hand, formula 1 podium style. See our Instagram site for a small flavour.  Congratulations to all the authors. A special mention to Matt for the Science Translational Medicine paper.

Taking a breather from NHMRC program and fellowship grants at present, whew. Jane has been a big help getting our program grant application in. Sinth and Adam are battling project grant reviewers at present. The NHMRC system is changing substantially next year.

A big welcome to Timon from Germany who is starting a PhD with Amy. Sinth has also formally joined our group and has lots of Flu ideas as ever. We have a new vet Clare who will be helping with the animal facility. A teary goodbye to Fernanda – she’s finished her PhD (assuming reviewers are kind!) and off to San Diego for more adventures! Josh is writing up and Hillary will be next to write up!

Stephen at the Keystone HIV Vaccines meeting in Colorado

Photo of Stephen and Anna Schorcht at the Keystone HIV Vaccines meeting in Colorado
Stephen seen together with Anna Schorcht at the recent Keystone HIV Vaccines Meeting in Colarado

Anna Schorcht, who spent a few months with us, is now doing a PhD in HIV vaccines in Amsterdam! Proud that we didn't turn her off science and HIV!

April 2017 PhD Graduations

Sarah on her graduation day
Dr Sarah Lloyd on her graduation day in March
Fernanda on the day of the Submission of her PhD
Fernanda Ana Sosa shortly after submitting her PhD thesis
Photo of Shay on her graduation day
Dr Shay Gooneratne on her graduation day in March
photo of Vijaya on her graduation day
Dr Vijaya Madhavi on her graduation day

February 2017

photo of Kent lab group on steps

Our expanded lab seems to be holding together. We are running out of desk and lab space but the department is thinking about ways to find us all some more space. Kathleen, Ester, Robyn, and Julius are all settling in and Timon will be starting soon. We were sad to see Milla head off to medical school. Vijaya has started a post-doc with Jamie Rossjohn’s group at Monash and we wish her well also (while she pulls together resubmissions of her last 2 papers!).

Matt is in Canada doing some work with AndrĂ©s Finzi’s group in Montreal. Kevin, Wen Shi and Kuangyu took some well-deserved time off for Chinese New Year. We’ve had some big bleed days lately with plenty of samples – well done to Vinca, Thakshila, Jen, Anne and everyone for pitching in to help. See our instagram site @kentlaboratory for some shots of the lab. Josh and Fernanda both sailed through various PhD committee meetings recently. Stephen and Jane have been busy submitting grants – ugh. More to come alas.

photo of Jeniffer Juno and the Christmas cake she made for us
Jennifer Juno and the Christmas cake she made for us
2017 Kent  lab group at lunch