Staff directory

Surname Given NameTitleGroup Phone NumberEmailRoomPosition
Adams Louise Ms Teaching- Academic 90357954 Email Louise GM011 Lecturer
Aktepe Turgut Dr Mackenzie  83449943 Email Turgut 7009 Research Officer
Alaan Christine Mrs Teaching - Classroom 83449677 Email Christine  GM009 Technical Officer
Alcantara Vinca Ms Kent 83440764 Email Vinca 7006 Technical Assistant
Alexandre Yannick Dr Mueller  83440815 Email Yannick 8010 Research Officer
Ali Abdalla Mr Purcell 83440832 Email Abdalla 7058 PhD Student
Allen Rob Mr Brown 83440748 Email Rob 7053 PhD Student
Almeida Catarina Dr Godfrey 83440679 Email Catarina 8059 Research Officer
Amarasena Thakshila Ms Kent 83440764 Email Thakshila 7006 Technical Assistant
Ana Sosa Batiz Fernanda Ms Kent 83440764 Email Fernanda 7006 MSc Student
Ashayeripanah Mitra Ms Villadangos 90357698 Email Mitra 8060 PhD Student
Auladell Bernat Maria Ms Kedzierska 83440749 Email Maria 7060 PhD Student
Azzopardi Simone Ms BRF  83440816 Email Simone 9053 Washroom Technical Assistant
Bachem Annabell Dr Bedoui 83440875 Email Annabell 6052 Research Officer
Baines Sarah Ms Howden 83443353 Email Sarah 1072 PhD Student
Ballard Susan Dr MDU 83448246 Email Susan 1072 Section Leader - MODI
Balzamo Petroula Ms MDU 90354352 Email Petroula 1001 Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Barnden Jessica Ms MDU 83448183 / 90359648 Email Jessica 1035 Enterics
Barton Kim Ms MDU 83448832 Email Kim 1002 Personal Assistant
Bassett Mardi Ms MDU 90341620 Email Mardi MSHC MSHC
Batten Jane Dr Simmons 83443791 Email Jane 7063 Lab/Project Manager
Bawden Emma Ms Gebhardt 83440875 Email Emma 6052 PhD Student
Beattie Lynette Dr Heath 83445690 Email Lynette 8006 Senior Research Officer
Bedford James Mr Wakim  Email James 8049 MSc Student
Bedoui Sammy A/Prof Bedoui 83449911 Email Sammy 6054 Associate Professor
Bek Mark Dr MDU 83445685 Email Mark 1066 IT_LIMS
Bell Kim   Media  Email Kim  Laboratory Assistant
Bennett-Wood Vicki Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Vicki 6063 NHMRC Research Assistant
BlumeJonasDrKallies Email Jonas6059Honorary
Bond Katherine Dr MDU 90353606 Email Katherine 1035 MDU Registrar
Bowyer Rebecca Ms BRF 83440887 Email Rebecca 9068 Deputy SPF Team Leader
Braun Asolina Dr F. Mackay 90358195 Email Asolina 6060 Lab/Project Manager
Brooks Andrew Prof Brooks 83449925 Email Andrew 8064 Professor
Brouwer Ruby Ms MDU 83448055 Email Ruby 1003 Quality
Brown Lorena Prof Brown 83443865 Email Lorena 7055 Professor
Bulach Dieter   MDU 90353782 Email Dieter 1068 Bioinformatics
Buultjens Andrew Mr Stinear  Email Andrew 1067 PhD Student
Byrne Jutta Ms MDU 90353842 Email Jutta 1054 FEOR
Byrne Louise Ms Media 83447740 Email Louise  Laboratory Assistant
Cain Helen Mrs Teaching - Academic 83449944 Email Helen GM010 Senior Lecturer
Cameron Donna Ms MDU 83443574 Email Donna 1003 Infection Control Consultant
Cameron Garth Dr Godfrey  Email Garth  Research Officer
Cao Hanwei Dr Strugnell 83449916 Email Hanwei 6009 Research Officer
Carter Glen   MDU 83448867 Email Glen 1072 Doherty Centre for Applied Microbial Genomics
Castellucci Clara Ms L. Mackay 83440788 Email Clara 8005 Visiting PhD Student
Chadderton Jesseka Ms Kedzierska 83441306 Email Jesseka 7058 Research Assistant
Carbone Frank Prof Carbone - Heath 83449923 Email Frank 8007 Professor
Carrera Montoya Julio Mr Simmons 90354192 Email Julio 700 PhD Student
Chai May Ms MDU 83448641 Email May 1072 MDDI
Chai Zi Mr Purcell 83440832   7053 MSc Student
ChanKok FeiDrGodfrey83440679Email Kok Fei8059Research Officer
Chandran Yogeswari Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Yogeswari 6063 PhD Student
Chao Max Yang   Hartland 83440825 Email Max 6063 PhD Student
Chen Zhenjun Dr McCluskey  83449910 Email Zhenjun 8051 Research Officer
Chin Ruth Dr Torresi 83440854 Email Ruth 7053 Honorary Fellow
Christiansen Dale   Torresi 83440854 Email Dale 7053 Senior Research Officer
Christo Susan Dr L. Mackay 83440782 Email Susan 8005 Research Officer
Chua Brendon Dr Jackson 90353129 Email Brendon 6061 Research Officer
Chung Amy Dr Kent 83460764 Email Amy 7006 Research Officer
Ciula Marcin Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Marcin 8059 Research Assistant / Lab Manager
Clemens Bridie   Kedzierska 83443383 Email Bridie 7060 Research Fellow
Close Taylor Ms BRF 90354593 Email Taylor 9000 Animal Technician
Constanti-Carey Sienn Ms BRF 90354593 Email Sienn  Animal Technician
Cooper Nigel Mr Media 83447740 Email Nigel B2029 Technical Assistant
Corbett Alexandra Dr McCluskey 83449914 Email Alexandra 8052 Research Officer
Cornish Ann Dr Admin 83445128 Email Ann 8004 Laboratory Manager
Coulson Barbara A/Prof Coulson 83448823 Email Barbara 7011 Associate Professor
Cronin Katie Dr MDU 83445701 Email Katie  Visiting Scientist
Cruz Seabstian Mr Villadangos 90357698 Email Sebastian 8060 PhD Student
Cumming Thomas Mr BRF 83440686 Email Thomas 9034 O & I Team Leader, Deputy Experimental
D'Agata Antony Mr MDU 83448183 Email Anthony 1031 Enterics
Damelang Timon Mr Kent 83440764 Email Timon 7006 PhD Student
Damtsis Melanie Ms Carbone - Heath 83440788 Email Melanie 8005 Research Assistant
DanielDianeMsMDU Email Diane Technical Officer
Danastasio Danni Ms MDU 83448641 Email Danni 1072 MDDI
Davey Gayle Dr Carbone - Heath 83445690 Email Gayle 8006 Senior Reseach Officer
Davies Brooke Ms L. Mackay 83440782 Email Brooke 8005 Research Assistant
Davies Mark Dr Davies 90356519 Email Mark 6002 Senior Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
David Felix Mr Kedzierska  Email Felix  Laboratory Technician
Davis Megan   BRF 83440816 Email Megan 9046 Washroom Technical Assistant
De La Pena Cecille Ms MDU 83448812 Email Cecille 1003 Serology / Quality
De Petra Vesna Ms MDU 90356647 Email Vesna 1008 MSHC / Quality
Deerain Joshua Mr Mackenzie 83440786 Email Joshua 7006 PhD Student
Deliyannis Georgia Dr Jackson 83440958 Email Georgia  Research Fellow
Demaison Christophe Dr Jackson  Email Christophe 6066 Consultant
Derkach Alina Ms Brown 83440748 Email Alina 7053 Honours Student
Devi Sapna Dr Mueller 83445715 Email Sapna 8011 Research Officer
Dewi Shinta   Brooks 83440801 Email Shinta 8054 PhD Student
Doherty Peter Prof Doherty 83443706 Email Peter 6007 Professor Laureate
D'souza Criselle Dr McCluskey 83440775 Email Criselle 8054 Honours Student
Earnest-Silveira Linda   Torresi 83440854 Email Linda 7053 Research Assistant
Easton Marion Ms MDU 83443414 Email Marion 1009 Epidemiologist
Eckle Sidonia Dr McCluskey 83440775 Email Sidonia 8054 Research Fellow
EdwardsJackMrPurcell Email Jack Technical Assistant
Enders Matthias Mr Carbone - Heath 83440782 Email Matthias 8005 PhD Student
EndlerKelseyMsBRF90354593Email Kelsey9001Animal Technician
Eng Vik Ven Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Vik 6064 Honours Student
Enriquez Mark Mr MDU  Email Mark  Technical Assistant
Erazo Anna Belen Ms Strugnell  Email Anna 6001 PhD Student
Esterbauer Robyn Ms Kent  Email Robyn  Research Assistant
Evans Jessica Ms BRF 90354593 Email Jessica 9001 Animal Technician
EvrardMaximilienDrL. Mackay83440782Email Maximilien8005Research Officer
Fagan Liz Ms MDU 93416220 Email Liz MSHC MSHC
Fairmaid Emily Mrs Brown 83440748 Email Emily 7053 Research Assistant
Farrer Simone   Bedoui 90353481 Email Simone 8063 Editorial Assistant
Fazakerley John Prof Fazakerley 97312261 Email John 7010 Dean, Veterinary & Agricultural Sciences
Fei Kuangyu Mr Kent 83444097 Email Kuangyu 7004 MSc Student
Fernandez Ruiz Daniel Dr Carbone - Heath 83445715 Email Daniel 8005 Research Officer
Fielden Laura Ms Newton 83440682 Email Laura 6012 PhD Student
Figgett William Dr F. Mackay 90354681 Email William 6059 Research Officer
Fleming Fiona Ms Coulson 83440502 Email Fiona 7010 Research Assistant
Flower Catherine   MDU  Email Catherine  Technical Assistant
Forsyth Joc Dr MDU 83440198 Email Joc 1073 Honorary
Francis Rita Ms Jackson 83440958 Email Rita 6063 Work Experience Student
Fraser Claire Mrs Media 83443881 Email Claire B2028 QC-Officer
Frauenfelder Kate Ms MDU 93416220 Email Kate MSHC MSHC / RUPR
Freestone David   L. Mackay 83440788 Email David 8005 Research Assistant
Fritzlar Svenja Ms Mackenzie 83440786 Email Svenja 7006 PhD Student
FrizzellHannahMsL. Mackay Email Hannah8005Visiting Research Student
Fulton Catherine Ms MDU 90353022 Email Catherine 1053 FEOR
Gamage Ronella   BRF 83440925 Email Ronella 9001 Washroom / Animal Technician
Gan Jiyao Mr Hartland 83440825 Email Jiyao 6065 PhD Student
Gaoulil Madani Mr MDU 83440098 Email Madani 1067 IT_LIMS
Garcillan Beatriz Dr F. Mackay 83454681 Email Beatriz 6059 Research Officer
GeChenghaoMrWakim Email Chenghao MSc Student
Gebhardt Thomas A/Prof Gebhardt 83446132 Email Thomas 6053 Associate Professor
George Antika Ms F. Mackay 83440754 Email Antika 6058 Honours Student
Ghazanfari Nazanin Dr Carbone - Heath 8440782 Email Nazanin 8005 Research Officer
Gherardin Nicholas Dr Godfrey 83440679 Email Nicholas 8057 Research Fellow
Ghilas Sonia Dr Carbone - Heath  Email Sonia 8019 Research Officer
Gil Peres Newton Mr Strugnell 83441257 Email Newton 6006 PhD Student
Gilbertson Brad Dr Brown 83443867 Email Brad 7054 Research Officer
Giulieri Stefano Dr Howden  Email Stefano 1072 Research Assistant
Glass Joshua Mr Kent 83440764 Email Joshua 7006 PhD Student
Gleeson Simon Mr MDU 83447743 Email Simon 1067 IT_LIMS
Gloury Renee Ms Kallies  Email Renee 6058 Research Assistant
Godfrey Dale Prof Godfrey 83446831 Email Dale 8058 Professor
Gomes Anthony   BRF 83440887 Email Anthony 9068 Technical Assistant
Gonelli Christopher Mr Purcell 83440832 Email Christopher 7053 PhD Student
Gonzalves da Silva Anders Dr MDU 83443353 Email Anders 1069 Bioinformatics
GorrieClaireMsHowden83443353Email Claire1069Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
Gressier Elise Ms Bedoui 83440875 Email Elise 6052 PhD Student
Greyer Marie Ms Bedoui 83449888 Email Marie 6052 Research Officer
GrimleySamanthaDrPurcell90359909Email Samantha7056Research Assistant
GrzelakLudivineMsKedzierska83440749Email Ludivine7060MSc Student
Guerillot Romain Dr Howden 83443353 Email Romain 1069 Post Doc
Gujaran Shruti   Strugnell  Email Shruti 6006 Visiting Scientist
Gupta Nishma Dr Villadangos 83442310 Email Nishma  Research Fellow
Hachani Abderrahman Dr Hartland 90354473 Email Abderrahman 6064 Research Officer
Hall Rhiannon Ms BRF 90354593 Email Rhiannon 9001 Deputy Manager
Hall Samantha   MDU  Email Samantha  Laboratory Assistant
Harewood Freya   McCluskey 83440775 Email Freya 8054 PhD Student
Harland Kim Ms Kedzierska 83440749 Email Kim 7058 Research Assistant
Harpur Chris Dr Godfrey 83440679 Email Chris 8059 Research Officer
Harty Leigh Mr Purcell 83440832 Email Leigh 7053 PhD Student
Healey Geraldine   Villadangos 83442310 Email Geraldine  Research Assistant
Heath Bill Prof Carbone - Heath 83445682 Email Bill 8008 Professor
Heaton Selena Ms MDU 83448814 Email Selena 1009 Acting Principal Scientist / Quality
Hensen Luca Mr Kedzierska 83445526 Email Luca 7058 PhD Student
Herisse Marion Ms Stinear  Email Marion  Research Assistant
Heydarchi Behnaz   Purcell 90359909 Email Behnaz 7056 Research Officer
Hind Angela Ms Flow Cytometry 83449937 Email Angela 8050 Flow Cytometry Technical Assistant
Hirons Ashley Ms Purcell 83440832 Email Ashley 7058 Honours Student
Hochheiser Katharina Dr Gebhardt 83440875 Email Katharina 6052 Senior Research Officer
Hocking Dianna Dr Strugnell 83449927 Email Dianna 6004 Research Officer
Holland Gina Mrs Teaching - Classroom 90353885 Email Gina GM016 Technical Assistant
Holmes Natasha   Howden  Email Natasha  Clinical Lecturer
Holz Lauren Dr Carbone - Heath 83445715 Email Lauren 8005 Research Officer
Horman William Mr Kedzierska 83445526 Email William 7058 PhD Student
Horrocks Kylie Ms Jackson 83440958 Email Kylie 6063 Research Assistant
Howden Ben Prof MDU 83440207 Email Ben 1005 Director MDU / Lab Head (Research)
Hu Meiyu   Brooks  Email Meiyu  MSc Student
Husna Asma Ms Strugnell 83441257 Email Asma 6006 PhD Student
Infantino Simona   F. Mackay 83440754 Email Simona  Honorary
Infelice Rita Mrs Teaching - Classroom 83449677 Email Rita GM009 Technical Officer
Ingle Danielle Dr Howden 83443353 Email Danielle 1069 Genomics Epidemiologist
Isles Nicole   MDU  Email Nicole  Casual
Istadi Aji Mr Jackson 83440919 Email Aji 6063 Honours Student
Jackson David Prof Jackson 83449940 Email David 6062 Professor
Jacobson Jonathan Mr Purcell 83440832 Email Jonathan 7053 PhD Student
Jameson Vanta   Flow Cytometry  Email Vanta 8050 Flow Cytometry Manager
Jebeli Leilaalsadat Ms Strugnell 83441257 Email Leilaalsadat 6006 PhD Student
Jia Xiaoxiao Ms Kedzierska 83440749 Email Xiaoxiao 7058 PhD Student
Jiang Jhih-Hang Dr Howden  Email Jhih-Hang  Visiting PhD Student
Johnson Darryl Dr Godfrey 83440679 Email Darryl 8059 Research Officer
Johnston Joanne Ms MDU 83445713 Email Joanne 1001 Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Jones Danny Mr Admin 83445692 Email Danny B1028 Facilities Assistant
Juno Jennifer Dr Kent 90354179 Email Jennifer 7004 Research Officer
Kaiser Stephan Mr Admin 90353581 Email Stephan 8004 Executive Assistant to the Head of Department
Kallies Axel Prof Kallies 90354611 Email Axel 6060 Professor
Kanagarajah Abbie Ms Brooks 83445708 Email Abbie 8056 Laboratory Assistant
Kearsey Anelise Ms Media 83447740 Email Anelise B2029 Technical Assistant (Media)
Kedzierska Katherine Prof Kedzierska 83447962 Email Katherine 7059 Professor
Kedzierski Lukasz Dr Fazakerley 83440502 Email Lukasz 7010 Senior Research Officer
Keech Kate Dr Admin 90353814 Email Kate 8002 Scientific Operations Manager
Keech Tristan Mr Admin  Email Tristan  Stores Assistant
Kelly Hannah Ms Kent 83440764 Email Hannah 7006 PhD Student
Kennedy Catherine Dr Hartland 83446724 Email Catherine 6065 ARC DECRA Fellow
Kenney Nathan Mr Mackenzie 83440786 Email Nathan  PhD Student
Kent Stephen Prof Kent 83449939 Email Stephen 7064 Professor
Khoo Chen Ai   Newton 83440682 Email Chen Ai 6012 Research Assistant
Khor Song Mr Kent  Email Song  Visiting PhD Student
Khoury Georges Dr Purcell 90359909 Email Georges 7050 Post Doc
Kjer-Nielsen Lars Dr McCluskey 83449910 Email Lars 8051 Research Fellow
Koay Hui-Fern Ms Godfrey 83440679 Email Hui-Fern 8059 PhD Student
Kosman Claudia Ms Fazakerley  Email Claudia  Honours Student
Kostenko Lyudmila Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Lyudmila 8054 Research Assistant
Koszalka Paulina Ms Mackenzie 83440786 Email Paulina 7006 Research Assistant
Koutsakos Marios   Kedzierska 83440749 Email Marios 7058 PhD Student
Kracica Martina Ms Media 83447740 Email Martina B2029 Technical Assistant (Media)
Krmek Danileja Ms BRF 83440971 Email Danileja 9027 Technical Assistant
Kristensen Anne Ms Kent 83440764 Email Anne 7006 Research Assistant
Kuba Miku   Newton 83440682 Email Miku 6012 PhD Student
Kwong Jason Dr Howden  Email Jason 1067 Clinician and PhD Student
Lane Courtney Ms MDU 83446757 Email Courtney 1007 Epidemiology
Larrad Wendy Ms Teaching - Classroom 83449677 Email Wendy GM009 CTO
Latomanski Eleanor Ms MDU 90358070 Email Eleanor 1002 Epidemiology / Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Latomanski Eleanor Ms Newton 83440682 Email Eleanor 6012 PhD Student
Lau Nicole Ms Newton 83440682 Email Nicole 6012 PhD Student
LaurentiMathildeMsFazakerley Email Mathilde PhD Student
Lee Patricia Ms Brown 83440748 Email Patricia 7053 PhD Student
Lee Jean Dr Howden 83448641 Email Jean 1072 PhD Student
Lee Wen Shi Mr Kent 83440764 Email Wen Shi 7006 PhD Student
Lee Michelle Ms Purcell 83440832 Email Michelle 7053 PhD Student
Lee Robyn Dr Howden  Email Robyn 1067 Research Fellow
Lee Ye Jin   F. Mackay 83440754 Email Ye Jin 6959 Research Assistant
Li Ming Dr Carbone - Heath 83440788 Email Ming 8005 Technical Assistant
Li Catherine Ms Flow Cytometry 90358171 Email Catherine 8048 Flow Cytometry Operator
Li Lucy Ms Howden  Email Lucy 1070 Research Assistant
Li Shihan Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Shihan 8059 PhD Student
Li Shuo Dr Purcell 90359909 Email Shuo 7056 Senior Research Officer
Li Pengfei Mr Hartland 83440825 Email Pengfei 6064 PhD Student
Liebscher Susann Dr Mackenzie 83449943 Email Susann 7009 Research Officer
Lim Florence Ms F. Mackay 83440754 Email Florence 6058 PhD Student
Lim Hui Jing Ms Villadangos 90357698 Email Hui 8059 PhD Student
Lim Rachel Ms F. Mackay 83440754 Email Rachel 6058 MSc Student
Lim Xin Yi Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Xin Yi 8054 Research Assistant
Lin Chantel Ms Howden  Email Chantel 4056 Project Officer
Lin Jie Dr Brooks 83440801 Email Jie 8054 Research Officer
Lind-Hansen Katrina   BRF 83440686 Email Katrina 9035 Technical Assistant
Linke Jake Mr Mackenzie 83440786 Email Jake 7006 Honours Student
Liu Yi   Kent 83440764 Email Yi 7004 PhD Student
Loh Liyen Dr Kedzierska 83443383 Email Liyen 7060 Research Officer
Loi Keit Mr Mueller 83440815 Email Keit 8010 PhD Student
Londrigan Sarah Dr Brooks 83445708 Email Sarah 8056 Senior Research Officer
Lopez Ester Ms Kent 83440764 Email Ester 7006 Research Assistant
Lopez-Denman Adam Mr Mackenzie 83440786 Email Adam 7006 PhD Student
Luke Tina Ms Flow Cytometry 83449937 Email Tina 8048 Flow Cytometry Manager
Mackay Laura Dr Mackay 83448016 Email Laura 8009 Senior Lecturer Immunology
Mackenzie Jason Prof Mackenzie 90358376 Email Jason 7008 Professor
Mackenzie Charlene Ms Purcell 83449779 Email Charlene 7050 Research Assistant
Mackenzie Skye Ms BRF 83440816 Email Skye  Animal Technician
Mackenzie-Kludas Charley Mr Brown 83440748 Email Charley 7053 Research Assistant
Mangas Kirstie Ms Stinear 83448461 Email Kirstie 1072 PhD Student
Manokaran Gayathri Dr Simmons 90354192 Email Gayathri 7053 Research Officer
MantamadiotisTheoDrTeaching83445861Email Theo Senior Lecturer
Maxim Caron Ms BRF 90354593 Email Caron 9001 Experiment Team Leader
May Rose Ms Heath 83440782 Email Rose 8005 Research Assistant
McAuley Julie Dr Brown 83447751 Email Julie 7054 Senior Research Officer
McBain Nathan   Gebhardt 83440875 Email Nathan 6052 Research Assistant
McClumpha Clare Dr Kent 83443791 Email Clare 7063 Veterinary Officer
McConville Robyn Ms Gebhardt 83440875 Email Robyn 6053 Research Assistant
McIntyre Liam Mr Davies 8344357 Email Liam 6001 Research Assistant (Bioinformatics)
McKimm-Breschkin Jennifer Dr Browne 90354483 Email Jennifer 7051 Honorary Research Fellow
Mclelland Amy Ms BRF  Email Amy 9053 Animal Technician
McPherson Kirsty Ms Simmons 90354480 Email Kirsty 7003 Research Assistant
McQuilten Hayley Ms Jackson 83440958 Email Hayley 6063 Research Assistant
McWilliam Hamish Dr Villadangos           90357698 Email Hamish 8060 Research Officer
Meehan Bronwyn Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Bronwyn 8054 Research Assistant
Meehan Lucy Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Lucy 8054 Technical Assistant
Mercoulia Karolina Ms MDU 83448641 Email Karolina 1072 MDDI
Mercuri Francesca Dr Doherty 83445710 Email Francesca 7063 Project Manager
Merdy Anais Ms BRF 83440801 Email Anais 9003 Animal Technician
Milton Morag   Hartland 90357818 Email Morag 6066 Collaborator
Mitchell Paula Ms Admin 90358172 Email Paula 8001 Access Control/General PDI Support/Quality Assurance
Moffatt Jennifer Dr Newton 90353451 Email Jennifer 6010 NHMRC Research Officer
Monk Ian Dr Stinear 83448641 Email Ian 1072 Post Doc
Moody Rhiane Ms F. Mackay 83440754 Email Rhiane 6058 Honours Student
Mu Andre Dr Stinear 83443353 Email Andre 1069 Research Officer
Mueller Scott A/Prof Mueller 83449044 Email Scott 8012 Associate Professor
Muldoon Laura Ms Media 83447740 Email Laura B2029 Technical Assistant (Media)
Narayanan Divya Ms Fazakerley 83440677 Email Divya 7010 PhD Student
Newell Emily Ms BRF 93054988 Email Emily  Animal Technician
Newson Joshua   Hartland 83440825 Email Joshua 6063 PhD Student
Newton Hayley Dr Newton 90356307 Email Hayley 6011 Senior Lecturer Microbiology
Newton Patrice Dr Newton 90359622 Email Patrice 6012 ARC Research Officer
Nguyen Oanh Dr Kedzierska 83441306 Email Oanh 7058 Research Fellow
Nguyen-Roberston Catriona Ms Godfrey 83440679 Email Catriona 8059 PhD Student
Nong Yi Mr Howden  Email Yi 1072 Honours Student
Nussig Simone Ms Kedzierska 83441306 Email Simone 7058 PhD Student
Oates Clare Mrs Brooks83445708Email Clare8056Laboratory Manager
Orlando Nicole Ms MDU 83448183 Email Nicole 1031 Enterics
Padmanabhan Bhavna Ms Newton 83440682 Email Bhavna 6012 PhD Student
Pantham Sriveni   Kent 83440764 Email Sriveni 7006 Technical Support Officer
Paraskeva Elena Ms Media 83445414 Email Elena B2019 Media Preparation Unit Co-Ordinator
Park Simone Ms Gebhardt 83440875 Email Simone 6052 PhD Student
Parr Katrina Ms BRF 83440971 Email Katrina 9027 Technical Assistant
Parsons Matthew Dr Kent  Email Matthew 7005 Research Officer
Pediongco Troi Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Troi 8054 Research Officer
Pellicci Daniel Dr Godfrey 90355744 Email Daniel 8057 Post Doc
Petalotis Sia Ms MDU 90353022 Email Sia 1053 FEOR
Pettit Kathy Ms MDU 93416220 Email Kathy MSHC MSHC
Pham Peter Mr MDU  Email Peter  Rotation
Phan Damian Mr Fazakerley  Email Damian  Honours Student
Phesse Toby   MDU  Email Toby 6056 Senior Research Fellow
Pidot Megan Mrs Stinear 83443353 Email Megan 1069 Research Assistant
Pidot Sacha Dr Stinear 83443353 Email Sacha 1069 Post Doc
Pittard Jim Prof Pittard 90356757 Email Jim 6033 Professor
Pizzolla Angela   Wakim 83440761 Email Angela 8049 Research Fellow
Pasencia Charlene Ms BRF 90354988 Email Charlene  Animal Technician
Pollock Georgina Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Georgina 6063 PhD Student
Porter Jessica Ms Stinear 83448641 Email Jessica 1072 Research Assistant
Power Cheryl Mrs Teaching - Academic 83440332 Email Cheryl GM015 Lecturer
Prier Julia Ms L. Mackay 83440782 Email Julia 8005 Research Assistant
Pryosusilo Theodor Mr BRF 90354593 Email Theodor 9001 Animal Technician
Puglia Eleonora Mrs Teaching - Classroom 83447747 Email Eleonora GM016 Technical Officer
Pullela Karthik Mr Strugnell 83441257 Email Karthik 6006 PhD Student
Purcell Damian Prof Purcell 83446753 Email Damian 7051 Professor
Quah Pin Shie Ms F. Mackay 83440754 Email Pin 6058 PhD Student
Rafeld Linda Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Linda 6063 PhD Student
Rajanayagam Jeremy Mr McCluskey 83440775 Email Jeremy 8054 PhD Student
Rambocus Savitra   MDU  Email Savitra  Technical Assistant
Ramos Monica   BRF 83440887 Email Monica 9068 Technical Assistant
Ratnam Irani Dr Simmons 90354880 Email Irani 7003 Research Assistant
Reading Patrick A/Prof Brooks 83443437 Email Patrick 8055 Associate Professor
Reddiex Scott Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Scott 8059 Research Assistant
Rigau Marc Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Marc 8059 PhD Student
Rispoli Teresa Ms Doherty 83447968 Email Teresa 6003 Personal Assistant
Robins-Browne Roy Prof Robins-Browne 83448275 Email Roy 6005 Professor
Rodriguez-Andres Julio Dr Fazakerley 83440502 Email Julio 7010 Post Doc
Rooke Jessica Ms Strugnell 83441257 Email Jessica 6006 PhD Student
Ross Regan Mr Media 83445414 Email Regan B2019 Laboratory Assistant
Ruan Zheng Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Zheng 8059 Research Assistant
Rubbo Ashlee   BRF 83440774 Email Ashlee 9042 Technical Assistant
RudrarajuRajeevDrSubbarao Email Rajeev7050Research Fellow
Ryan Sinead Ms Howden  Email Sinead 1072 Honours Student
Sainato Diane   Simmons 90358049 Email Diane 7053 Administrative Support
Sait Michelle Dr MDU 83448641 Email Michelle 1072 MDDI
Salazar Quiroz Natalia Ms Purcell 83440832 Email Natalia 7058 PhD Student
Sant Sneha   Kedzierska 83440749 Email Sneha 7058 PhD Student
Santilhano Dias Miriam Ms MDU 90353022   1053 FEOR
Sarvestani Soroush Dr Mackenzie 83449976 Email Soroush 7009 Research Officer
Saunders Philippa Dr Brooks 83440801 Email Philippa 8054 Research Officer
Sauvarin Adele Ms BRF 83440887 Email Adele 9068 Technical Assistant
Scheiding Victoria Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Victoria 6063 PhD Student
SchriekPatrickMrVilladangos83440679Email Patrick8059PhD Student (shared workplace with Bio21)
SchultzMarkDrMDU Email Mark Research Fellow (Bioinformatics)
SchwabLaraMsBrooks Email Lara PhD Student
Scott Nichollas Dr Hartland 90354473 Email Nichollas 6064 Research Fellow
Seemann Torsten A/Prof MDU 90353782 Email Torsten 1068 Associate Professor Bioinformatics
Selva Kevin Mr Kent 83440764 Email Kevin 7006 PhD Student
Selvaraj Satishkumar Dr Villadangos 90357698 Email Satish 8060 Research Officer
Semeniuk Adrian Mr Strugnell 83441257 Email Adrian 6006 PhD Student
Serovski Kristen   BRF 90354593 Email Kristen  Animal Technician
Sherry Norelle Ms Howden  Email Norelle 1072 PhD Student
Shi Mai Ms McCluskey 83440775 Email Mai  MSc Student
Sidhu Manni Ms Admin 83449048 Email Manni 8004 OHS Advisor
Simmons Cameron Prof Simmons 90358416 Email Cameron 7002 Professor
Simos Angela   BRF  Email Angela 9068 SPF Area Team Leader
Singh Shweta   Strugnell 83441257 Email Shweta 6006  
Siryi Wendy Ms MDU 83448817 Email Wendy 1002 Epidemiology / Biological Specimen Reception & General Administration
Smith Shara Ms BRF 83440925 Email Shara 9060 Technical Assistant
Solanki Jay Mr Admin 83449037 Email Jay 8004 Grants & Contracts Consultant
Solomatina Anastasia Ms Hartland 83440825 Email Anastasia 6063 PhD Student
Sonza Con Dr Purcell 90359909 Email Con 7050 Research Fellow
Soumilas Maree Ms MDU 93416220 Email Maree  Technical Assistant
Souter Michael Mr Godfrey 83440679 Email Michael 8059 PhD Student
Spring Ilknur Ms Villadangos 83442310 Email Ilknur 8060 PhD Student
Stankovic Sanda Dr Brooks 83440801 Email Sanda 8054 Research Officer
Stevens Kerrie Ms MDU 90354075 Email Kerrie 1047 RUPR
Stinear Tim Prof Stinear 83445693 Email TIm 1005 Professor
Strugnell Dick Prof Strugnell 83448479 Email Dick 6008 Professor
Sturrock Jessica Ms BRF 83440887 Email Jessica 9001 Animal Technician
Subasinghe Nela Ms MDU 83446853 Email Nela 1054 FEOR
Sujatmoko   Mr Simmons 90354192 Email Sujatmoko 7003 MSc Student
Sullivan Lucy Dr Brooks 83445708 Email Lucy 8056 Senior Research Fellow
Sumon Efte Mr F. Mackay 83440754 Email Efte 6058 PhD Student
Sutherland Robyn Dr Heath 83445690 Email Robyn 8006 Senior Research Officer
Syme Anna   MDU  Email Anna  Bioinformatician
Tan Andrew Mr MDU  Email Andrew  Student
Tan Hyon-Xhi Mr Kent 83440764 Email Hyon-Xhi 7006 Research Officer
Tan Jason Mr Strugnell 83441257 Email Jason 6006 MSc Student
Tan Shermaine Ms Robins-Browne  Email Shermaine  MSc Student
Tawil Samantha Ms MDU 83447738 Email Samantha 1038 RUPR
Tay Nicole Ms Purcell 83440028 Email Nicole 7053 MSc Student
Taylor Cathy Ms MDU 83448215 Email Cathy 1008 Quality
Taylor David Mr BRF 90354988 Email David 9004 BioResource Facility Manager
Taylor Nicole Ms Purcell 83440028 Email Nicole 7053 MSc Student
Tian Zehua Ms Godfrey 83440679 Email Zehua 8059 Research Assistant
Tier Siobhan   Howden  Email Siobhan  Casual
Tippet Justine Mrs Teaching - Classroom 83449677 Email Justine GM009 Senior Research Officer
Tomita Takehiro Dr MDU 83447631 Email Takehiro 1072 MDDI
Tong Rachael Ms Howden 83443533 Email Rachael 1072 Honours Student
Torresi Joe Prof Torresi 90355570 Email Joe 7051 Professor
Trajcevska Elizabeth Mrs Media 83443881 Email Elizabeth B2028 Technical Officer (Supervisor)
Tran Yen Ms MDU 83445713 Email Yen  Data Entry & Administrative Assistant
Trifkovic Sanja Ms Brown 83440748 Email Sanja 7053 PhD Student
Ugur Milas Dr Mueller 83445715 Email Milas 8011 Research Fellow
Uldrich Adam Dr Godfrey 90355744 Email Adam 8057 Research Officer
Valcanis Mary Ms MDU 83448291 Email Mary 1034 Enterics
Vanderven Hillary Ms Kent 83449764 Email Hillary 7006 PhD Student
Vescio Lina Ms Media 83447740 Email Lina B2029 Laboratory Assistant
VibergLindaDrMDU Email Linda Technical Officer (MDDI)
Villadangos Jose Prof Villadangos 90357684 Email Jose 8061 Professor
Villalon Letelier Fernando Mr Brooks 83440801 Email Fernando 8054 PhD Student
Vitali Angela Mrs F. Mackay 83440754 Email Angela 6058 Research Support Officer
Wakim Linda Dr Wakim 90354141 Email Linda 8049 Post Doc
Waller Karena Dr Teaching - Academic 83440045 Email Karena GM019 Senior Lecturer
Wang Zhongfang Dr Kedzierska 83440749 Email Zhongfang 7058 Post Doc
Wang Huimeng Mr McCluskey 83449916 Email Huimeng 6006 PhD Student
Wang Huimeng Mr Strugnell 83441257 Email Huimeng 6006 PhD Student
Wang Nancy Dr Strugnell 83449916 Email Nancy 6009 Research Fellow
Wang Zhongfang Dr Kedzierska 83440749 Email Zhongfang 7058 Post Doc
Wheatley Adam Dr Kent 90354179 Email Adam 7004 Research Officer
White Jason Dr Villadangos 90357698 Email Jason 8060 Research Officer
Whitlock Eden Ms F. Makay 83440754 Email Eden 6058 Research Officer
Whitney Paul   Bedoui 83440875 Email Paul 6052 Research Officer
Whitsed Rebecca Ms Admin 83445679 Email Rebecca 8062 Senior Postgraduate Officer
Wibawa Raissa   Hartland 83440825 Email Raissa 6063 PhD Student
Widjaja Jacqueline Ms Brooks 83440801 Email Jacqueline 8054 Research Assistant
Wijburg Odilia Dr Head of Teaching - Academic 83449919 Email Odilia GM018 Lecturer
Wilgenburg, von Bonnie Dr McCluskey 83440775 Email Bonnie 8054 Research Officer
Williamson Deborah Dr MDU 83445470 Email Deborah 1004 Deputy Director MDU
WilmotMathildaMsMDU Email Mathilda Epidemiologist
Wilksch Jonathan Dr Strugnell 83441257 Email Jonathan 6006 Research Officer
Wong Chinn Ms Jackson 83440958 Email Chinn 6063 Research Assistant
Wong Julius Mr Kent 90357698 Email Julius 7006 PhD Student
Wong Shu Cheng   Brooks 83440801 Email Shu Cheng 8040 PhD Student
Worley Matthew Mr Kent 83440764 Email Matthew 7006 PhD Student
WorthingKateDrDavies83440514Email Kate6001Research Fellow
Wragg Kathleen Ms Kent 83440764 Email Katherine 7006 Research Assistant
Wubben Jacinta Dr Villadangos 90357698 Email Jacinta 8060 Visiting Scientist
Wynne-Jones Erica Ms L. Mackay 83440788 Email Erica 8005 PhD Student
Yang Chenying Ms Strugnell 83441257 Email Chenying 6006 PhD Student
Yapa Lankesha   Flow Cytometry 90358171 Email Lankesha 8048 Flow Cytometry Operator
Yi Ng Wei   Carbone - Heath 83440788 Email Wei 8005 PhD Student
Young Heather   MDU  Email Heather  Technical Officer
Yurick David Mr Purcell 83440832 Email David 7053 PhD Student
Zamudio Natasha Dr Mueller/
83449595 Email Natasha 8006 Research Officer
Zeng Weiguang Dr Jackson 90358631 Email Weiguang 6061 Senior Research Officer
Zhang Bowen Mr F. Mackay 83440754 Email Bowen 6058 MSc Student
Zhao Zhe Mr McCluskey 83440775 Email Zhe 5054 PhD Student
ZhuTianyuanMrMcCluskey83440775Email Tianyuan8054MSc Student