2015 Seminars - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

All seminars are held at 12 noon on Wednesdays in the Bio21 Auditorium, unless otherwise indicated.

  • 29 Jul: PhD Oration: Ashfaqul Hoque, The University of Melbourne.
    Exploring the signalling mechanisms of excitotoxic brain injury.
  • 5 Aug: PhD Oration: Kaillin Gian, The University of Melbourne.
    Identification of pancreatic CD8+ T cell targets in type 1 diabetes (T1D): A peptidomics perspective.
  • 12 Aug: Prof Trevor Lithgow, Monash University.
    Host-pathogen interactions depend on the assembly of bacterial integral membrane proteins.
  • 19 Aug: PhD Oration: Aliki Rasmiena, The University of Melbourne and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.
    Assessment of the role of plasmalogen in the modulation of oxidative stress and inflammation in atherosclerosis.
  • 21 Aug Friday: PhD Oration: Katherine Skull, The University of Melbourne.
    Non-genomic immunoproteomics: how immunology made me a geek.
  • 26 Aug: Dr Rommel Matthias, La Trobe University.
    Regulation of mitochondrial metabolism by the novel lipoamidase SIRT4: host defence against human cytomegalovirus.
  • 2 Sep: Dr Jee Kim, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.
    A tale of two dopamine receptors: Adolescent vulnerability to anxiety and addiction.
  • 9 Sep: Prof James Beeson, Burnet Institute.
    Defining targets and mechanisms of immunity to advance malaria vaccine development.
  • 16 Sep: Prof Edmund Crampin, The University of Melbourne.
    Computational modelling of signalling pathways in heart and skin.
  • 23 Sep: A/Prof Natalie Sims, St Vincent's Institute.
    Osteocytes: the secret cells of bone and how they control the skeleton.
  • 30 Sep: Prof Phillip Bird, Monash University.
    Taming the beast: control of cytotoxic proteases by intracellular serpins.
  • 7 Oct: Dr Michael Inouye, The University of Melbourne.
    The infant airway microbiome, acute respiratory illness and development of asthma.
  • 14 Oct: Prof Phillip Robinson, University of New South Wales.
    Functional phosphoproteomics and chemical biology of endocytosis in nerve terminals.
  • 21 Oct: Dr Sheena McGowan, Monash University.
    Targeting the Plasmodium falciparum neutral metallo amino peptidases as novel anti-malarial drug targets.
  • 28 Oct: Dr Gemma Kelly, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.
    xploring targeting of MCL-1 for cancer therapy.
  • 4 Nov: Prof Robin Anderson, Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center.
    BMP4 inhibits metastasis through multiple mechanisms.
  • 11 Nov: A/Prof Peter Farlie, Murdoch Institute.
    On the restoration of flight in the emu Dromaius novaehollandiae.
  • Fri 13 Nov: PhD oration: Adnrew Brown, The University of Melbourne.
    Legionella infection: challenging the paradigm of innate immunity.