Seminar Series: 2 March - 29 June

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2016 Seminar Series Wednesday 12-1pm or  Friday 1-2pm
Bio21 Auditorium

ALL WELCOME. Please join us for a light lunch after the seminar! Further information: Justine Mintern (

This Program is available to download (pdf).

Wed 2 March: Associate Professor Victor Villemagne, Austin Hospital.
In vivo imaging of proteinopathies associated with neurodegenerative conditions.

Wed 9 March: Associate Professor Karin Verspoor, University of Melbourne.
Application of Literature Mining for Protein Function Prediction.

Wed 16 March: Dr Wai-Hong Tam, WEHI.
Malaria Parasite Invasion: versatile structural scaffolds and alternate erythrocyte receptors.

Wed 23 March: Dr Fasseli Coulibaly, Monash University.
In vivo crystals of viruses: a challenge for structural biology, an opportunity for new vaccines.

Wed 30 March: No seminar

Wed 6 April: Stephen Batinovic. Tilley Lab PhD Oration.
A network of protein interactions required for trafficking of PfEMP1 in P. falciparum infected erythrocytes.

Wed 13 April: Dr Sandra Nicholson, WEHI.
SOCS Protein Regulation of NK cell-mediated Tumor Immunity.

Wed 20 April: Dr Peter Farlie, Murdoch Children's Research Institute.
On the restoration of flight in the emu Dromaius Novaehollandiae.

Wed 27 April: Dr Sarah Russell, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute.
Using systems microscopy to understand T cell development and activation.

Wed 4 May: Dr Jenny Gunnersen, University of Melbourne.
Molecular regulators of synapse development and maintenance.

Wed 11 May: Dr Peter Czabotar, WEHI.
La Danse Macabre: Conversion of Bax and Bak into Membrane Permeabilising Killers.

Wed 18 May: Professor Melissa Little, Murdoch Children's Research Institute.
From kidney development to organ regeneration.

Wed 25 May: Estella Newcombe, Hatters Lab PhD Oration.
Understanding the biology of Huntington’s disease via the pathogenic huntingtin monomer.

Wed 1 June: No seminar.

Wed 8 June Jane Hawkey, Holt Lab PhD Oration.
The dynamics of insertion sequences in bacterial genomes.

Wed 15 June: Dr Anne Verhagen, CSL Ltd.
Advances in the treatment of hemophilia; exploiting the FcRn intracellular trafficking and recycling system to extend the in vivo half-life of therapeutic proteins.

Wed 22 June: Associate Professor Jason MacKenzie, University of Melbourne
Norovirus replication and pathogenesis: Lost in Translation.

Wed 29 June: Fabian Bumbak, Scott/Gooley/Bathgate Lab PhD Oration.
Characterising the Conformational Diversity of the Neurotensin Receptor 1.