Seminar Program for the Remainder of 2016

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Wed 27 July Professor Rob Parton, University of Queensland

Cave exploration at the nanoscale: new insights into the structure and function of caveolae

Wed 3 August Associate Professor Spencer Williams, University of Melbourne.

Sweet little surprises: New insights into structure and mechanism of glycoside hydrolases

Wed 10 August Lee Yeoh, Ralph Lab., PhD Oration

The regulation and analysis of alternative splicing in apicomplexan parasites

Wed 17 August Dr Bradley Turner, The Florey Institute.

Targeting autophagy modulation in motor neuron disease.

Wed 24 August No seminar

Wed 31 August Professor Phil Bird, Monash University

The control of cytotoxic proteases by intracellular serpins

Wed 7 September Dr Denisse Leyton, Australian National University

The autotransporter β-barrel: a generalised folding vector?

Wed 14 September Dr Hamish McWilliam, Peter Doherty Institute

Detecting microbes by their metabolites: How MR1 binds and presents Vitamin B antigens

Thurs 15 September Associate Professor Renae Ryan, University of Sydney

Molecular mechanisms of amino acid transporters

Wed 21 September Dr Michael Lazarou, Monash University

How do the Parkinson’s disease proteins PINK1 and Parkin control mitochondrial health?

Wed 28 September Professor Colin Pouton, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Man vs wild: the challenge of gene delivery

Wed 5 October Associate Professor Helen Thomas, St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research

Interferons and their inhibition in type 1 diabetes

Wed 12 October Professor Melanie Bahlo, WEHI


Wed 19 October Professor Jamie Rossjohn, Monash University

Immune sensing of vitamin B metabolites

Wed 26 October Ashish Sethi, Gooley Lab., PhD Oration.

Understanding the role of LDLa-LRR linker in ligand binding and activation of its receptor Relaxin Family Peptide Receptor 1 (RXFP1)

Wed 2 November Dr Erica Sloan, Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Blocking stress: repurposing cardiac drugs to stop cancer

Wed 9 November Dr Joanne Hildebrand, WEHI

Necroptosis, explosive cell death

Wed 16 November Dr Anne Verhagen, CSL

Advances in the treatment of hemophilia; exploiting the FcRn intracellular trafficking and recycling system to extend the in vivo half-life of therapeutic proteins